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The Concept.

In the radiant dawn of October 2019, McKickz first opened its illustrious chapters. The humble beginnings were rooted in a personal pursuit of exceptionally limited edition sneakers, handpicked from myriad retailers scattered across the grand tapestry of Europe. Today, it stands as an esteemed sanctuary for lovers of exclusive and fervently desired footwear, a nexus that turns the laborious quest for elusive sneakers into an intoxicating thrill.

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, McKickz distinguished itself through meticulous sourcing and augmenting its repository from reliable connoisseurs. As our ascent sparked a competitive blaze, it unveiled lessons in the intricate dance of patience, a requisite virtue in our fascinating industry. The journey unfolded more than just a committed understanding of the vibrant sneaker culture and its rich tapestry of history. It honed our discerning eye for design details, material nuances and captivating colourways, thereby refining our industry acumen and procurement prowess.

Sneakers have eternally ignited our passion, a fervour that was further kindled by witnessing the meteoric rise of the sneaker resale scene. It spurred us on a mission to amass a formidable collection, the crown jewel of which would be a brick-and-mortar haven for sneaker aficionados.

From kindling connections at sneaker symposiums, presenting our collection at the eminent Sneaker Con, to launching a pop-up store at the onset of 2020 to elevate our brand visibility, we tread the path towards the cherished dream of establishing a permanent presence. Our chosen location was no other than the pulsating heart of one of the UK's most dynamic cities—Leeds! A city throbbing with vibrant life, filled to the brim with cultural vitality and constant hustle.

What you behold today in our store is a tangible testament to the prodigious energy, boundless time, and indomitable effort we have channelled towards the fruition of our dream. The tangible vision, now a reality, is centred on showcasing the most current and coveted sneakers through a transcendent store experience, elevating the sneaker culture to stratospheric heights.

McKickz's unwavering pursuit of perfection is evident in our commitment to provide a luxury, unrivalled in-store experience. We have an exceptional portfolio that includes Nike, Air Jordan, YEEZY, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and OFF White, and we constantly strive to stock the most rare and elusive trainers on the market.

Our abiding love for sneakers and the sheer joy we derive from sharing our knowledge and passion with you only fortifies our enduring affection. At McKickz, we don't just sell sneakers, we curate experiences, fuel passions, and celebrate a culture.

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